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    Christening Service
Thinking of having a Christening?
Did you know that All Saints will provide a baptism bracket (or Christening) service for any child in the village?  This is one of the things a Parish Church is for, and we really want to be “at your service”! 
These might be some of the reasons for having a Christening service for your child.
At All Saints every child who is baptised is given a present on the Christening day - a candle mounted in a specially designed card, which is signed by the godparents and the Rector after the service. 
If you light this once a year, on the anniversary of the Christening perhaps, or on birthdays, and look at what is written on the card; your child will be reminded that he or she is very special and much loved.
It’s a long time since our own Children were baptised, we  remember those little services as very happy occasions.  We still sometimes look at their Christening candles, and the words on the card “Shine as a light in the world”.
If you would like to find out more about baptism give the Rector a ring on 01225 872275 or contact me on 01225 873955
Anthony Acton
To thank God for a unique new life and pray for the future.
To give your child his or her own name in a very special way.
To bring family and friends together for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.
To choose godparents: friends or family members who will think of themselves in the future as having a specially close link with your child as he or she grows up.